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Truck Probe Accessories

Gamet offers a complete line of accessory items to make your truck probe sampling system complete. By adding components to your system you allow your operator to be more productive. Ticket conveying systems, excess grain return systems, long distance sample conveying systems, traffic control signal lights, intercom systems, CCTV and signal alarms are among the items that will speed up and automate your truck probe sampling system.

+Spare Parts & Emergency Kits

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Gamet carries almost every spare part and even emergency kits for use with your truck probe systems. It is recommended to have spare parts on hand, as time is an invaluable resource during busy times.

+Bridging & Support Structure Systems

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Long distance and overhead sample transportation is becoming increasingly popular and necessary. Gamet manufactures a modular pre-engineered support pole and bridge system. This system supports sample conveying tubing, electric control circuits, CCTV cameras, traffic lights, intercom systems and ticket conveying systems. The system is truly modular enabling you to utilize poles of various heights (up to 17’ high), bridges of various lengths (up to 24’ long) and a variety of system mounting brackets. All equipment is designed to bolt together and allows the user the flexibility to make a system that will suit their specific needs.

+Closed Circuit Monitoring Equipment

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The most popular system accessory is a Closed Circuit Television System. We provide a variety of systems to meet your needs. Our standard system features a 15″ LCD flat screen color monitor with day/night IR, all weather, camera, camera power transformer and connection cable as needed. Our standard system is capable of supporting up to 4 cameras. Other monitors and camera features are available upon request. We have the solution for your CCTV application.

+Traffic Direction Signals

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Our traffic control signal lights allow your operator to signal to drivers when to advance, when to stop and direct them to specific locations as needed. Our series of lights can be supplied in our standard red/green two light set or in any other configuration that you desire. Systems are available in a variety of colors with as many lights as are required. We can also supply the lights with labels/symbols to aid in directing traffic throughout your facility. Contact our sales staff to help you configure a system to meet your needs.

+Gravity Divider

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Choose from either a 50-50 or 5-1 ratio gravity divider that can be mounted directly below the discharge of the product collection box to split the sample for testing purposes. Unit is supplied with an 8 ½” diameter hopper and stands 23 ½” tall.

+Grain Return System

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Accumulated sample in your testing area is a problem. Gamet produces systems that enable your operator to return unused and unneeded sample back to a waiting truck or other vessel. These systems help with facility housekeeping and efficiency. Each system consists of an excess sample intake hopper, blower/air transportation system, tubing and fittings as needed and system controller with timer for system automation. This is an ideal addition to your truck probe sampling system.

+Audio Communication Tools

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Gamet can supply a wired 3M intercom system that enables your operators to communicate with truck drivers and other personnel. This system is supplied to support up to six channels from the master station in the office. Each system is supplied with an indoor master station, two way outdoor speaker horn and a traditional hand held operator. Additional outdoor system components are available if more than one outdoor communication point is desired. Flexible systems that help speed throughput at your facility.

+Ticket Conveying Systems

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A complete scale ticket return system that allows the exchange of documents between elevator personnel and truck drivers without having them leave their truck. This unit is supplied complete with an weather-proof outdoor receiving unit and tubing/fittings.